Heidenhain Speeds Up Angle Encoders

Heidenhain, the Germany-based manufacturer of magnetic and optical encoders, has introduced smarter and faster versions of its RCN absolute angle encoders series for use in machine tools. With permissible speeds are up to three times higher than older RCN encoders, the new models RCN 2001, 5001 and 8001 are especially useful with fast rotating axes and direct-drive motors 

When paired with a sensor box to measure the temperature of direct drive motor windings, they can transfer the temperature of the encoder and a direct-drive motor to the control, giving a user the ability to push the system to its thermal load limits. Because all three motor windings are monitored, the motor is protected from overload. 

The new encoders are ideal for aerospace, medical and turning applications that require highly accurate positioning and high speeds. For more info, see www.heidenhain.com.