Sumida Business Drops 3% in 2019 and Projects Partial Rebound This Year

Sumida, a leading global manufacturer of magnetic components and materials, reports that its business dropped slightly in 2019 but that it expects revenues and profits to be on the upswing this year.

The company reported revenues of $893 million for the year ended December 31, a drop of 3% from its revenues of $925 million in 2018. Profits came down harder, dropping 36% to $15 million. For this year, Sumida is projecting a partial rebound that would bring revenues up slightly to $911 million with a 26% rise in profits to $19 million, according to Shigeyuki Yawata, CEO.

Based in Tokyo, Sumida manufactures power and radio-frequency Inductors, power transformers, EMC coils, signal magnetics, sensors and actuators, power and automotive modules, and a variety of electronic components, also serving as an electronic manufacturing service for OEMs.

The company also has an extensive line of magnetic materials, particularly ferrite-based materials. Among these are Manganese-Zinc Ferrite, a medium to high permeable and low-loss material used for power transfer as well as for interference suppression and telecommunication applications; also, Nickel-Zinc Ferrite low to medium permeable and non-conductive materials for high-frequency and high-voltage applications. Others in its materials portfolio are Plasto Ferrite, a low permeable and sprayable ferrite plastic composite for close-fit components with freely selectable geometries; and Injection Molded Ferrite, a medium permeable and sprayable ferrite material for freely selectable geometries. See