New MagForce Motor System for Franklin Electric Pump Equipment

fanklin motor_IN 2Franklin Electric, a manufacturer of pumps based in Fort Wayne, IN, has announced a new MagForce permanent magnet motor system for several of its products. The new 6-inch motor is an ultra-efficient, high-performance alternative to standard induction motors, said the company.

Its permanent magnet technology allows the product family to cover the nine traditional pump horsepower ratings from 7.5 to 60 horsepower in three distinct motor models. End users benefit from significant electrical cost savings via a motor efficiency improvement of 10-12 percent, providing a typical investment payback of less than one year in long or continuous-run applications, said the company.

To help illustrate these benefits to end-users, the company provides a savings calculator to estimate annual energy savings with four simple data points. The end-user can select the motor hp/kW, enter the number of hours the system is expected to run per day, enter the number of days per year the system will be running, and enter the local energy cost per kW/hour. The system then calculates an estimation of annual energy savings.

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