New High Voltage Transformer Series for Mission-Critical Applications

Jan18_IPIDesigned for aerospace and military equipment, satellites and telecom, the High Voltage Transformer Series from Innovative Power, Inc., meets sophisticated power and reliability requirements in rugged operating environments.

IPI’s High Voltage Transformer series features an operating range of 400 V to 50 kVA.  These precision wirewound transformers are manufactured with IPI’s advanced Perfect Layer Coil Winding technology, which offers improved performance and long life.

Developed for the most demanding power applications, the IPI High Voltage Transformer series is vacuum/pressure impregnated to 0.25 micron/100 psi for challenging environments. Their flexible, scalable design supports a wide range of high voltage power applications. Special and custom design configurations are available from the IPI Design Center.

The IPI High Voltage Transformers meet multiple mil standards and are manufactured in IPI’s cellular manufacturing facility, which meets ISO 9001-2008.  IPI provides strict quality control procedures and testing in its own Environmental Test Laboratory to ensure performance and life.

In single piece quantity, the IPI High Voltage Transformers are available beginning at $10.00 each to $2000.00 each depending on specific performance features and other customer requirements.  Lead-time is stock to six weeks.