New Alloy Powder Materials from Micrometals Optimize Inductor Performance

Micrometals, a manufacturer of core solutions for power applications, has introduced three new formulations in its line of Optilloy alloy powder materials which are designed to optimize inductor performance for demanding power applications.  Each of the new offerings is specifically formulated to deliver optimal core performance for various applications. 

All the company’s Optilloy materials are unique formulations of iron, silicon, aluminum and nickel and are available in toroid shapes with magnetic permeabilities from 14 to 125. The original material, OP, was formulated to provide low core losses and high saturation. 

The new OD material, Optimized DC Bias, is optimized to provide superior DC bias while maintaining low losses and be very cost competitive.  It is designed for applications that require high saturation magnetization that may have traditionally used high flux materials such as FluxSan or Hi-Flux. Cores are available in toroids from 3.5mm to 196mm with permeabilities from 14 to 90. 

The new OC material, Optimized Core Loss, is optimized for provide very low losses while maintaining good DC bias at an economical price. It is positioned as an economical alternative for applications that may have traditionally used Sendust or MPP type materials. Cores (pictured above) are available in toroids from 3.5mm to 196mm with permeabilities from 14 to 125. 

OE, Optimized Economy, is formulated to provide an economical alternative for applications that require moderate but consistent magnetic performance. Cores are available in toroids from 3.5mm to 196mm with permeabilities from 14 to 90. 

“With these new materials we continue to deliver the same reliability and consistency that our customers expect, but with performance targeted at one or more magnetic attributes that are the most important for their application, and a very competitive price,” commented Jim Cox, president of Micrometals. Each of the new materials has been incorporated into the company’s online inductor design tool which facilitates material selection and design optimization, he noted.    

Micrometals headquarters in Anaheim

Founded 65 years ago, Micrometals conducts manufacturing at its headquarters in Anaheim, CA, as well as at two factories in China, and has stocking warehouses in Germany and Hong Kong. For more information, see