New 7-Inch Magnet Version of Lake Shore AC/DC Hall Measurement System

April10_LakeShore8407The new Model 8407 Hall effect measurement system from Lake Shore Cryotronics features a 7-inch magnet for measuring mobilities at the low end of the DC field measurement range, from 1 to 106 cm2/V s. Like Lake Shore’s existing Model 8404 with 4-inch magnet, it can be ordered with AC field measurement capabilities. With AC field measurement added, the system is capable of measuring materials with extremely low mobilities (down to 10-3/V s). These can include photovoltaic (solar cell), thermoelectric and organic electronic materials, which have electronic properties that can be difficult to measure with DC field Hall methods. Software included with the system enables both van der Pauw and Hall bar measurements, measuring samples with gated Hall bars to account for gate bias, setting up loops with varying temperatures and gate voltages, performing time loops of measurements for longer unattended operation, and more.

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