Integrated System for THz Materials Characterization Now Available

April10_LakeShoreTHzSystemLake Shore’s new 8500 Series THz system is a fully integrated hardware/software platform for characterization of electronic, magnetic and chemical materials. The system uses non-contact THz-frequency energy and an integrated low-temperature, high-field cryostat to measure material spectroscopic responses across a wide range of frequencies, temperatures and field strengths. As the first affordable, integrated solution specifically tailored for characterization of research-scale electronic and magnetic materials, the system should be of interest to researchers studying emerging materials for high-speed computing, organic electronic, spin-based computing and thin-film semiconductor applications. The system performs continuous wave spectroscopic response measurements to derive key material properties such as dielectric constant, dynamic conductivity, carrier scattering times and mobilities, vibrational resonances, and magnetic resonances.

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