MyP Magnetica Italiana Plans New Operation in Brazil 

MyP Magnetica Italiana, a producer of flexible magnets and distributor of magnet products, reports that it is planning to expand internationally with the establishment of a new operations and commercial headquarters in Brazil. Based in Parma, MyP is focused on the production of plasto-magnets and the development and marketing of magnetic products and articles. 

The new operation will make the company one of few Italian companies that produce magnets internationally and will enable it to meet the needs of overseas customers more quickly than previously, according to Paolo Bellotti, managing director. In October 2021, it became a manufacturer of NdFeB magnets in accordance with its partnership with Swiss company YX Magnetic SA, a sole subsidiary of Ningbo Yuanchen New Materials Co., Ltd, a company founded in China in 1981 with a history of developing NdFeB magnets for domestic use. 

Materials for MyP’s products include neodymium magnetic rubber, commonly called plasto-neodymium, which is obtained by mixing neodymium magnetic powders, rubbers and other additives. Also, it uses  anisotropic plastoferrite, suitable for applications requiring medium-high magnetic forces. Plastoferrite is produced in sheets by calendaring and lamination. The calendering can orient 80% of the ferrite molecules, allowing the material to obtain high magnetic values after magnetization. The sheets can be cut in various shapes by MyP’s production system. For more info, see