More Features & Availability for Murata’s Femtet Software

Building out further its Femtet electromagnetic design and simulation package, Murata Software continues to add functionality and new availability options to spread its popularity. The software has many features for magnetic analysis including its optional Advanced Magnetic feature, depicted above, which enables a user to execute magnetic wave transient analysis. 

Recently the company released an Academic Pack version with a lower license fee but which has most of the functionality though is available only for non-commercial purposes at the educational institutions. 

Numerous enhancements were added to its latest full version, Femtet 2020.0, including several that add to its capabilities for magnetic analysis. Among these are magnetic harmonic analysis for materials with nonlinear permeability such as soft magnetic material. Magnetic saturation can be taken into account for harmonic analysis. In the magnetic transient feature, a circuit editor template was added for improved functionality. 

Based on the finite element method, Femtet solves eight physical phenomena — electric field, magnetic field, electromagnetism, mechanical stress, thermal conductivity, fluid, acoustic waves and piezoelectricity. A leading Japanese manufacturer of electronic components and devices, Murata developed the software more than 35 years ago to support its own engineering activities. Over the years it has become a fully integrated, all-in-one tool for electromagnetic design and simulation, and in recent years has been marketed commercially by Murata Software. See