MK15-501 Reed Sensors for SMD Mounting

Nov13_SMEStandex-Meder Electronics has announced its MK15-501 magnetically operated reed proximity sensors for surface-mount device (SMD) mounting. With its simple internal structure, the MK15-501 is suited for position-detecting in surface-mounted PCB assemblies, meter anti-tampering sensors, and lid-detectors in household appliances, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning components.

With its small dimension, at 16 by 2.8 by 2.8 millimeters, the MK15-501 is well suited for low-power operations, requiring no external power for sensor operation. It is useful for magnetic systems requiring long operating distances with permanent magnets.

Two lead designs are available, straight leads for cutting and PCB slot mounting and bent SMD gull wing leads, used when the wire coming from a chip bends horizontally to make contact with a solder pad on a substrate. Available in four operating sensitivities, the MK15-501 is also available for high power switches.

The sensors are supplied taped and reeled according to IEC 286-3, suitable for auto-placement. The magnetic pull-in sensitivity is divided into several AT classes at 5 AT steps each.