eNL Feb 2019

Automotive Industry Charges Ahead with Increased EV Manufacturing & Technology Development 

The automotive industry is dramatically increasing its commitment to electric vehicles, leading to a transformative shift in its supply chain that has broad implications for the magnetics industry. 
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New Coil Winding Machine with Enhanced Control & Capabilities Introduced by Gorman
A new coil winding machine with enhanced controls and an expanded menu of multiple job options has been introduced by Gorman Machine Corporation.The companys new SuperStar Winder with Trio Controller utilizes servo motors instead of stepper motors and is equipped with a host of new control features.
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New Grain Oriented Electrical Steel for Transformers from AK Steel
A new grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) from AK Steel will help manufacturers of power transformers design to higher levels of efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to energy loss in electricity transmission and distribution. Particularly suitable for high and ultra-high voltage power transformers, the company says that its new TRAN-COR X electrical steel product family represents an important step improvement beyond the its established TRAN-COR H product line.
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