March/April 2020

Schaeffler Charges into EV Motors Business, Leveraging Acquisition of Elmotec Statomat & Close Ties with Automakers
Following on its acquisition of coil winding machinery manufacturer Elmotec Statomat, the company is entering the electric motor manufacturing business with a modular, highly integrated technology platform that is bound to make it an even more coveted customer for the magnet industry.

Infinitum Motor Skips the Wound Coils in Favor of Printed Circuit Board Stator While Optimizing Magnetic Forces
Infinitum Electric, developer of an innovative axial-flux electric motor that relies on printed circuit board electronics instead of traditional wound copper coils, has launched as its first product a 15-hp motor to power HVAC equipment.

HZDR Scientists Produce Engineered Magnetic Nanostructures in Dresden
Scientists from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) are working to produce engineered magnetic nanostructures and to tailor material properties at the nanoscale. They use a special microscope at the HZDR Ion Beam Center to achieve this goal.

Under the Hood in Porsche’s First-Ever EV, the Taycan: Remarkable Motor Design and Innovative Magnetic Technology
Advancements in motor design and magnetic technology are central to the stunning high performance of Porsche’s first-ever electric vehicle, Taycan. Along with other design achievements in the high-powered auto, they likely point the way to future engineering trends for the EV market.

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