November 2014

  • Exceeding the Performance of Si-Fe with High End Magnetic Materials and Technologies
  • Stability of Bonded Permanent Magnets, Is It Still an Issue?
  • Hall Effect Gaussmeters for Manufacturing and Research Environments
  • Custom High Energy Density Planar Transformers Reduce Costs and Footprint
  • Magnetically Shielded Power Inductors in High Inductance, High Isat Versions
  • LD-50 Load Detector and High Sensitivity Current Transformers
  • NAASCO Receives FAA Approval for 160-Amp Starter Generator Modification
  • Magnetic Mirrors Enable New Technologies by Reflecting Light in Uncanny Ways
  • Global Magnetic Field Sensors Market 2013-2020
  • Agilent Technologies to Close Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Business

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