Magnetics Magazine Becomes Leading Media Brand for E-Mobility Manufacturing

Photo courtesy BMW 

Magnetics Magazine announces that it has become the world’s leading media brand serving the market for e-mobility manufacturing, coil winding and electrical manufacturing. “With our recent expansions in circulation and content delivery for this sector, we have built the most powerful global media platform serving this dynamically growing market,” said Scott Webster, director of content and sales. 

“This marks the culmination of three years of intensive audience development targeting the growing market for electrification technology worldwide, particularly in the automotive industry but also in other industries such as aviation, aerospace, defense and industrial equipment that are determined to transform their propulsion and power platforms.” 

The numbers of people involved in purchasing equipment and supplies in this market has mushroomed. Leading automotive companies are racing to electrify their operations and supply chains. Other vehicle and powertrain manufacturers are building their capabilities for e-propulsion manufacturing, while manufacturers of industrial equipment are increasingly electrifying their power platforms.”  

Top investment and purchase decisions include machinery for coil winding, motor and transformer manufacturing as well as products and supplies such as magnet wire, neodymium magnets, cores, laminations, soft magnetic composite materials and components, electrical insulation, coatings, adhesives, EM design tools, test equipment, power electronics components, EMI suppression and custom manufacturing services. 

Actions taken recently at Magnetics Magazine cover all outlets of the media brand such as website, magazine, e-newsletter and e-marketing services, including: 

  • Increased article delivery focused on technology and market developments in the manufacture of motors, drives and e-propulsion sytems. 
  • Dramatic growth in readership by engineering, manufacturing and supply chain professionals who are involved in coil winding, electrical manufacturing and e-mobility manufacturing. 
  • Addition to the issue schedules of multiple theme features addressing key aspects of e-mobility manufacturing. 
  • Increased event tie-ins with leading expositions and trade fairs serving the coil winding, electric vehicle and e-mobility market. 
  • New categories for product sectors in e-manufacturing have been added to the Annual Resource Guide. 
  • Expansion of digital delivery services to support webinars, training and e-marketing. 

“Now is the time for vendors of equipment, supplies and services to plan their marketing for 2022 and benefit from this powerful market penetration,” notes Webster. “Our media kit is now available with details and schedules for the coming year.”      

For info, contact Scott Webster at or 917.445-6122.