Thermo Fisher Scientific Makes Deal for Magnetic Particle Use in China Drug Manufacturing

Thermo Fisher Scientific, maker of an extensive line of magnetic particles and handling systems for biotech and life science markets, has signed an agreement with JW Therapeutics, a leading cell therapy company in China, to use ThermoFisher’s Dynabeads in ramping up production of a lymphoma therapy drug. 

The deal ensures non-exclusive commercial access to Thermo Fisher’s Gibco CTS Dynabeads CD3/CD28 to support the clinical development and commercial manufacturing of leading CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cells) therapies in China, including a JW Therapeutics product for lymphoma treatment. The therapy’s new drug application has been accepted by China’s National Medical Products Administration and is expected to be the first CAR-T therapy to be approved as a Category 1 biologics product in China.  

The CTS Dynabeads platform is part of Thermo Fisher’s Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) product portfolio designed to ease the transition from clinical development to commercial manufacturing of T-cell therapies. The CTS product line is a comprehensive portfolio of products designed to work together, from cell isolation/activation and gene transfer to cell expansion, to address cell therapy developers’ manufacturing workflow challenges. The company’s Gibco CTS Dynabeads provide a scalable platform to streamline therapy development and production while ensuring highly reproducible results. 

“As JW Therapeutics progresses through the formal acceptance of a New Drug Application for relma-cel, and its commercial plans accelerate, we’ll be alongside them ready to rapidly scale,” said Mark Stevenson, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Our strategy to support partners ‘in China for China’ ensures that we can provide reliable supply and technical expertise as they scale precision medicines.” 

“This partnership is a natural extension of an already strong collaboration,” said Dr. Harry Lam, executive vice president and chief technology officer, JW Therapeutics. “As we approach critical milestones in our commercialization strategy, this partnership will ensure we have the supply to scale up and meet the unmet medical needs of Chinese patients.” 

ThermoFisher’s Invitrogen Dynabeads magnetic beads pioneered magnetic separation methodologies in the 1980s. Today they are used in countless scientific applications, cited in tens of thousands of published articles and used in over fifty thousand diagnostic instruments. Dynabeads micro magnetic beads products support a staggering range of applications within the life sciences, biotechnology, and healthcare.