Kollmorgen Servo Motor for Washdown Applications & Wet Environments Features Advanced Magnetic Designs 

Kollmorgen, a leader in high-performance motion control systems, has launched the AKMA servo motor built specifically for durability, cleanability and versatility. The motor employs a hardened anodized aluminum surface to offer machine designers a cost-effective hygienic option to stainless steel in medium- to heavy-washdown applications. The design enables numerous application advantages and features several advanced magnetic technologies. 

The light weight of the motor makes it easy to install and maintain, while its high torque density offers machine builders more performance in a smaller footprint. The motor is ideally suited for precision motion applications in food & beverage processing, and in pharmaceutical & medical packaging operations. An IP69k rating enables it to deliver high performance even in wet and rugged environments, supporting critical applications like tracking and positioning for antenna pedestal systems. 

An anodized aluminum surface offers strong resistance to chemicals across a wide pH range. Since the motor’s smoother and hardened surface is more scratch resistant and will not flake like a painted motor, it can be used above the food line. The AKMA’s stainless steel shaft meets functional safety requirements, while its “one-piece” rounded housing structure eliminates the need for a seal between the flange and housing to prevent puddling and water ingress. The AKMA motor also features a vented design to equalize pressure inside and outside for increased OEE and motor durability. 

“We are excited to offer the AKMA servo motors to engineers searching for an affordable motor choice in wash-down environments where stainless steel surfaces are not necessarily required,” said Ross McMillan, vice president of engineering at Kollmorgen. “Now, it’s possible to balance performance with value and avoid overspending for a surface quality you may not need.” 

Commenting on the magnetic aspects, Jiri Duron, AKMA product manager, provided this information to Magnetics Magazine: 

“AKMA, as a recent addition to the Kollmorgen AKM family, upholds the traditional values and features that define the AKM series. It adopts the well-established surface-mounted permanent magnet (SMPM) topology and incorporates advanced Neodymium-Iron-Boron permanent magnets with high energy grade, ensuring reliable performance. Their high coercivity, enables the attainment of a remarkable peak-to-continuous torque ratio even under full operating temperature conditions.“ 

“To optimize performance, minimize cogging, and ensure smooth torque operation,“ he added, “AKMA employs meticulously optimized electromagnetic components, which include techniques such as stator core and magnet pole shaping. Kollmorgen collaborates with technology leaders in the permanent magnet development and manufacturing domain to deliver exceptional products to customers.“ 

A brand of Regal Rexnord brand, Kollmorgen has more than 100 years of motion experience, producing products such as motors, drives, linear actuators, control solutions and automation control platforms. For more info, see www.kollmorgen.com