July/August 2020

Norwegian Electric Systems Electrifies Work Ships & Ferries for Rugged Northern Seas
Due to the enterprising capabilities of Norwegian Electric Systems, more ferries and commercial vessels are going hybrid-electric and full electric powered by NES propulsion systems many of which include the company’s special-built motors, generators and transformers designed to withstand extremely rugged marine conditions through rough seas and ice.

Goudsmit Develops Steel Sheet Separator with Fail-Safe Magnet & Assists Hyperloop Project in Netherlands
Goudsmit Magnetics, a producer of magnetic systems based in The Netherlands, has recently developed an innovative fail-safe neodymium magnetic sheet separator and, in another project, is providing magnetics expertise to developers of a visionary hyperloop transportation project for Europe.

Development of a High-Field, Non-Insulated, High Temperature Superconducting Magnet for Fusion Research and Other Applications
Recent advances in superconductor technology, especially high-temperature superconductors (HTS), have revolutionized industries from defense and transportation to energy, medicine, and basic science. Magnets employing superconducting (SC) material in their windings can achieve significantly higher magnetic fields at much greater efficiencies than those relying on non-SC materials.

Penn State Scientists Develop a New Mechanism to
Harvest Stray Magnetic Fields

Scientists have developed a new mechanism capable of harvesting this wasted magnetic field energy and converting it into enough electricity to power next-generation sensor networks for smart buildings and factories.

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