iC-PI: Sin/Cos Sensor Interpolation to ×1000 / ×1024

The iC-PI from iC-Haus is a programmable 12-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolation IC with RS-422 Driver. It convinces by its impressive accuracy and resolutions of up to 4096 edges and is particularly suitable for the following applications: optical and magnetic position sensors, linear scales and high-resolution angle sensing. iC-PI is an interpolator with a non-linear A/D converter which digitizes sine/cosine sensor signals using a count-safe vector tracking conversion with selectable resolution and hysteresis. The angle position is output incrementally by differential RS-422 drivers as an encoder quadrature signal with a zero pulse. A pre-selectable minimum edge distance ensures glitch-free output signals and prevents counting errors which in turn boosts the noise immunity of the position encoder. The integrated signal conditioning unit allows signal amplitudes and offset voltages to be calibrated accurately and any phase error between the sine and cosine signals to be corrected. Thanks to I²C interface, signal adaption can be easily automated using an MCU. Learn more.