High-Speed Inductive Sensing Resolver from Melexis for e-Motors 

Melexis has developed an inductive sensing IC that is intrinsically immune to stray magnetic fields and functions as a high-speed resolver for e-mobility motors. It is designed for engineers needing absolute rotary motion and position sensing in safety critical automotive applications. 

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A global microelectronics engineering company headquartered in Tessennderlo, Belgium, Melexis has introduced the MLX90510 as its first open market inductive sensor IC. Its innovative architecture with on-chip offset and propagation delay compensation provides accurate stray field immune position sensing at speeds up to 240,000 e-rpm, making it suitable for e-motor control, e-brake booster and e-power steering applications. 

“An efficient electric powertrain requires the synchronization of the stator supply currents with the rotor position. This leads to optimal efficiency and torque characteristic control.” says Lorenzo Lugani, product manager inductive sensors at Melexis. “Thanks to the digital architecture and rugged design, automotive engineers can take full advantage of its EMC robustness with minimal effort on the ECU side, resulting in module cost reduction.” 

It features a three-phase based coil design that simplifies linearity optimization. It works in combination with a set of PCB based coils whose scalable design can be easily adapted to the number of pole-pairs of the motor. Supporting multiple sensing modes for both on-axis (end-of-shaft) and off-axis (side-of-shaft or through-shaft) operation, the IC maximizes flexibility in inductive coil designs to serve the most demanding mechanical constraints, says Melexis. See www.melexis.com