GMW and Celadon Collaborate on Test System for Semiconductor Fabrication

Collaboration between GMW Associates and Celadon Systems has yielded a testing system that brings new capabilities to semiconductor fabricators. Bringing together GMW’s expertise in electromagnetics and magnetic modeling, and Celadon’s expertise in probe cards and testing, the two companies have partnered to develop an innovative integrated electromagnet and probe card solution. 

Celadon VersaCore probe 

GMW’s 5207 magnet, shown at top, interfaces with Celadon’s non-ferrous VersaCore probe. Using this unique configuration, device testing of a single device under test (DUT) with magnetic fields up to 1.0 Tesla is possible and up to .85 Tesla can be applied to an array of 4×4 mm.  

Celadon can produce cable-out solutions for any probe station and working with GMW Associates, optimized magnetic fields can be introduced to the DUT. The fully integrated probe card can be used for on-wafer parametric tests, modeling, characterization and wafer level reliability as well as functional tests. 

Celadon, located in Burnsville, Minnesota, provides wafer probe solutions for test and measurement needs in the semiconductor industry. GMW, located in San Carlos, California is a leader in magnetic technology applied to sensors, transducers and test and measurement instrumentation. For more info, see and