Bunting Magnetics Europe Announces Personnel Appointments

Bunting Magnetics Co. has announced personnel appointments at Bunting Magnetics Europe, its European subsidiary. 

Simon Ayling has been promoted to Managing Director of Bunting Magnetics Europe, after serving for two years prior as General Manager of Bunting Magnetics Europe.  Prior to joining Bunting, he spent 10 years with Magnet Applications in various production and supply chain roles, and was Operations Manager at Fine Group, a bespoke textile assembly manufacturer.

Clive Wright has been named General Sales Manager at Bunting Magnetics Europe. Trained as an engineer before moving into sales, Wright brings Bunting some 18 years of sales management experience at a range of companies, developing new products and markets in the conveying and food processing industry. He spent eight years based in Singapore and has extensive experience setting up distributors in Europe and around the world.

Robert Webb is now Finance Director at Bunting Magnetics Europe.  A trained accountant, with more than 30 years’ experience, Webb also brings Bunting significant commercial and organizational experience gained at a variety of companies, including Pioneer, the electronics company, where he was responsible for human relations and information technology.

Commenting on the appointments, President Robert J Bunting said:  “Simon Ayling, Clive Wright, and Robert Webb bring Bunting extensive experience which will enable Bunting Magnetics Europe to solidify its market presence and strengthen our customer relations and outreach in the very important European and Middle Eastern market.”