EzDiatech Diagnostic Tool Uses Rod-Shaped Magnetic Particles 

South Korean biotech firm EzDiatech Inc. has developed an innovative point-of-care testing system that is based on both novel Rod-Shaped Magnetic Particles (RSMPs) and a new reaction and optical device, called VEUS. The system is positioned as a speedy and affordable new alternative for diagnostic testing and analysis at small, mid, and large-sized hospitals and any laboratory environments. 

The RSMPs are glass-coated magnetic particles that show hundreds of micron rod and they are available in different lengths for multiplex assays. They are coated with a thin layer of glass on which antibodies can be immobilized. They can be applied to both immunological and molecular diagnostics by covalent bonding to genetic material such as protein and DNA. Compared to conventional commercial magnetic beads, the surface of the glass is very uniform, which minimizes non-specific reactions. 

The RSMPs with a metal core are easier to handle than conventional commercial magnetic beads due to their strong magnetic force and are well dispersed once magnetic force is removed. This feature is helpful for reaction, washing steps, and result of the magnetic immunoassay, notes the company. 

Conventional immunoassays can take 3-4 hours while requiring additional equipment, but the VEUS technology provides a fully automated all-in-one diagnostic system to perform rapid and accurate immunoassay within 30~50 minutes. Also, the VEUS does not need expert staff that a small or mid-size hospital may not have, the company notes. It will be showing the system at this year’s AAAC (American Association for Clinical Chemistry) Show in Chicago in July. For more info, see www.ezdiatech.com