Commom Mode Chokes for Highest Load Currents

Sustainable mobility and renewable energies

Smaller, lighter and fewer losses – these demands are familiar in power electronics. Space and costs can be saved with VACOCOIL. The new manufacturing process for VACOCOIL chokes uses shaped copper bars that are placed on the core instead of the conventional heavy wire winding. This allows a cost-effective production which also takes into account the highest demands on technical cleanliness and process capability.

VACOCOILs are used as common mode chokes and are characterized by a significantly improved attenuation at frequencies above 1 MHz, a minimized winding capacity and up to 10 times improved impedance at 10 MHz. For the application in a High Power Charger (HPC) for charging electric vehicles, VAC developed a 250 A choke with a 12 mm bar diameter. The chokes are characterized by highest permeability and lowest losses in combination with excellent thermal properties. Therefore, depending on the individual design, these chokes are suitable for load currents up to several hundreds of ampere. In addition to charging equipment for electric vehicles, these chokes are used directly inside of electric vehicles for low weight and compact design. Additionally, VACOCOIL can also be used in high-performance inverters for wind and solar power systems. 

“VACOCOIL is a cost-optimized solution for numerous industrial applications with superior technical characteristics. We are proud that we have developed this manufacturing process, which enables us to offer chokes with unique properties”, says Susanne Ganz, Product Manager ECA at VAC.