Portable Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

Bartington has signed an agreement to sell the RT-1 handheld magnetic susceptibility meter. The agreement is worldwide, excluding only Australia and New Zealand, which will be handled by its Australian distributor, CoRMaGeo.

RT-1 is a portable device that can store over 9800 readings and flags, and display current or stored data as SI and CGS on its backlit digital and analogue display.

RT-1’s microprocessor control supports auto-ranging, and auto-calibration in free air. Bluetooth data output allows you to transfer stored magnetic susceptibility readings and event flags to a computer. It also includes a built-in magnetic susceptibility test pad. This enables you to check calibration easily, anywhere and at any time.

This handy device can operate continuously for up to 50 hours on a single battery charge, and its high visibility design makes it hard to mislay in rough terrain.