MagLab Hunts for Breakthroughs in Medical and Biotech Research; Philips Taps in via MagCorp 

Two programs involving MagLab, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory headquartered at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, illustrate one of its unique capabilities — as a center of cutting-edge research for advancements in medicine and biotechnology. One program involves renewed funding from the National Institutes of Health for several efforts in nuclear magnetic resonance; the other an agreement for collaboration between MagCorp, an innovative new commercial partner with the lab, and medical equipment maker Philips seeking new breakthroughs in reduced-helium magnetic resonance imaging.  […]


Magzilla Microsphere Introduced by Bangs Laboratories 

Bangs Laboratories, a developer of magnetic microparticles for life science separations, has added a large new polymer microsphere with internal magnetic layers to its portfolio of magnetic beads. Aptly called Magzilla, the surface of the 30µm magnetic particles contains carboxyl groups for the covalent attachment of a ligand or nucleic acid making it suitable for a variety of applications including single bead and well assays or genetic sequencing. […]


Time Medical MRI Charges Ahead with Production of Neonatal MRI in Hong Kong

With US FDA clearance in hand and a new production facility in Hong Kong, Time Medical is charging ahead to get NEONA, its breakthrough neonatal magnetic resonance imaging system, on the market. A world-first superconducting MRI system dedicated for baby diagnosis, NEONA can significantly improve the precision and image quality of fragile newborns, infants and children. […]


Introducing the Future of Cooling Technology

As the demand for efficient and environmentally-friendly cooling solutions continues to grow, magnetically-based cooling systems have emerged as a cutting-edge technology. Bakker Magnetics, now offers innovative cooling solutions that utilize the power of magnets, providing […]


Magnets for Horse Mobility and Therapy from England 

While the therapeutic power of magnets remains a subject of scientific debate, many horse owners believe in their efficacy. From all over the world they turn to Equilibrium Products of England for its thoughtully designed wraps and blankets to position magnets precisely where desired. They are designed to support mobility, aid joint function and maintain healthy tendons. […]