Time Medical MRI Charges Ahead with Production of Neonatal MRI in Hong Kong

With US FDA clearance in hand and a new production facility in Hong Kong, Time Medical is charging ahead to get NEONA, its breakthrough neonatal magnetic resonance imaging system, on the market. A world-first superconducting MRI system dedicated for baby diagnosis, NEONA can significantly improve the precision and image quality of fragile newborns, infants and children. […]


Introducing the Future of Cooling Technology

As the demand for efficient and environmentally-friendly cooling solutions continues to grow, magnetically-based cooling systems have emerged as a cutting-edge technology. Bakker Magnetics, now offers innovative cooling solutions that utilize the power of magnets, providing […]


Magnets for Horse Mobility and Therapy from England 

While the therapeutic power of magnets remains a subject of scientific debate, many horse owners believe in their efficacy. From all over the world they turn to Equilibrium Products of England for its thoughtully designed wraps and blankets to position magnets precisely where desired. They are designed to support mobility, aid joint function and maintain healthy tendons. […]

Research & Development

Novel Way to Manipulate Exotic Materials

An advance in a topological insulator material — whose interior behaves like an electrical insulator but whose surface behaves like a conductor — could revolutionize the fields of next-generation electronics and quantum computing, according to scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. […]