Bunting Magnetics Shows Process Improvement Equipment at PACK EXPO

Sept30_BuntingAt the Chicago PACK EXPO show, November 2-5, 2014, Bunting Magnetics Co. will show a variety of inspection and process improvement equipment for the packaging industry. Featured in the Bunting booth is a magnetic can conveyor designed with rare earth magnets to control and transport product in a high speed canning line, and to withstand the punishment of high-volume wet or washdown environments. Also on display is the Bunting DCM Conveyor with the Bunting Metron 07 CI Metal Detector, including advanced imagePHASE product learning and compensation for product effect. And those seeking to produce contaminant-free food packaging material will find the Bunting Manual Self-Cleaning FF Drawer Filter with high-intensity rare earth magnets, capable of removing small ferrous fines and even ferrous encapsulated inside plastic pellets. Other metal detection and magnetic separation equipment also will be on display.

Bunting Director of Sales Rod Henricks, commenting on the exhibit, said, “Bunting magnetic products are widely used by packaging engineers, quality assurance personnel, and manufacturing managers to ensure product quality and consistency. Bunting application personnel will be available at PACK EXPO to discuss specific or custom projects.”