Model 121 Programmable DC Current Source Enables Cost-Effective Sensor Testing

Lake Shore has added its Model 121 programmable DC current source to its family of products to support precision test and measurement.  The Model 121 will replace the existing Model 100, 101, 102, 110 and 120 current sources, offering a singular, easy-to-use instrument with expanded capabilities and upgraded performance.

The Model 121 current source is intended for testing, measuring, and operating resistive and semiconductor devices such as diodes. It provides a convenient and reliable alternative to simple voltage-based circuits, and an affordable alternative to more expensive multi-function current sources.  It is suitable for bench-top use or panel-mounted operation in labs, test facilities and manufacturing environments in applications such as:

  • Magnetic and temperature sensor calibration
  • Sensor and semiconductor device QC
  • LED brightness testing
  • Semiconductor device characterization
  • Lab electrochemistry

Leveraging Lake Shore’s experience in precision instrumentation design, the new Model 121 provides a low-noise, highly stable DC current source with:

  • 6 decades of output current, operator-selectable or programmable from 100 nA to 100 mA
  • Large 3 digit LED display and simple user interface
  • USB interface for integration with automated test systems
  • DIN panel mountable package

The programmable feature of the new model provides improved operability, allowing the user to define application-specific test currents and change current output automatically through a connected PC. Programming is done via a USB serial interface, and LabVIEW drivers will be available later this year. The new model is also CE and RoHS certified.

“This new current source offers our industrial and research customers the precision, dependability and convenience needed for test and measurement work,” said David Plaga, Lake Shore’s instrument product manager. “It’s inexpensive, simple to use, and adds power and versatility to the lab bench.”

Lake Shore is now accepting orders for the Model 121, with shipments beginning in late June 2013.