AML Launches New ‘Perfect-Field’ Magnet Line to Compete with Helmholtz Coils

Advanced Magnet Lab, Inc. has launched a new line of magnets for applications requiring highly uniform magnetic fields such as quantum computing, manufacturing, medical and research. The company says that its new Perfect-Field Magnets offer markedly improved magnetic field quality at higher magnetic field with less power and a smaller footprint than found in comparative Helmholtz coils. 

“It’s really magnetics 3.0, you won’t find this with existing solutions that are manufacturable at an economical price,” stated Dr. Rainer Meinke, co-founder of AML, a developer of magnet-based products based in Melbourne, FL. 

The PFM products are the result of a technology platform consisting of proprietary software and magnet technologies developed over the course of several decades, he said. They can achieve very high magnetic field uniformity with unique geometries while delivering a product that utilizes less power with a reduced footprint. 

According to Meinke, they provide the highest field quality available at a pricing point competitive with existing products while delivering such features as up to 40X higher magnetic field quality, greater than 2X increase in magnetic field and 50% smaller while being scalable and customizable.  They have a field variation in “Good Field Region” of less than 0.001% with a magnetic field starting at about 50 Gauss or nearly 100 times earth’s magnetic field, he said. 

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