eNL April 2019

TT Electronics Posts Robust Growth and Acquires Power Partners
Coming off a robust growth year in 2018, TT Electronics, a global provider of magnetic components and engineered electronics has acquired Power Partners, a provider of medical and industrial specialist power products for the North American market.
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First Real-Time Monitoring of Biomagnetic Field of Human Heart Reported by Medical R&D Team in Tokyo
Using high-sensitivity magnetoresistive sensors from TDK Corporation, a collaborative effort at a leading medical science center has succeeded in what the parties report is the world’s first real-time measurement of magnetic field distribution, known as the biomagnetic field, in the human heart.
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Material is the Key in New All-Mode EMC filters from SMP
The material is the key in new all-mode EMC filters with high frequency stability produced by Sintermetalle Prometheus GmbH & Co KG (SMP), a manufacturer of custom inductive components, filter systems, cores and molded parts based upon soft magnetic materials.
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