Amazing Magnets to Relocate to Expanded HQ in Texas

Amazing Magnets is planning to relocate its business operations from Anaheim, California and building a state-of-the art global headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. The new 40,000 square-foot building will have an engineering design workspace, a media and learning center, and an innovative warehouse facility to accommodate the company’s growth. 

“Our roots are that of a family-owned business with a focus on giving back to the community combined with a passion for continuous learning guided by a unique global strategy and an incredibly talented team,” said founder and CEO Tim Boettcher at a groundbreaking ceremony in January. 

GlasMag accessories for glassboards and whiteboards 

The company is a distributor specializing in strong rare earth neodymium licensed magnets and offers in-house engineering, prototyping and manufacturing services for custom applications. Its GlasMag brand provides an extensive line of magnetic and convenience accessories for glassboards and whiteboards. For more info, see