Adey Combats Sludge with Creative Magnetic Filtration Products

Magnetite sludge can create big headaches in certain types of heating equipment which is one reason why UK-based Adey has been so successful designing magnetic filtration equipment to prevent sludge buildup in residential and commercial boilers. 

A manufacturer of magnetic filtration and water treatment equipment, the company has recently developed two filters that demonstrate its creative approaches using magnetics technology to solve the problem. 

Its MagnaClean DRX, shown at this year’s AHR Expo, introduces an innovative and compact design to protect commercial heating systems. Its unique magnetic belt technology makes servicing quick and easy while applying the magnetic force necessary to clean system piping ranging from 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The magnets are spring-loaded in the belt to ensure they align properly with the glass-reinforced nylon canister and maximize capture. 

Adey uses Neodymium magnets that are three quarters of an inch in diameter by one-half-inch thick. The quantity of them depends on the size of the filter. A 2-inch filter takes 48 magnets, the 3-inch filter takes 64 magnets and the 4-inch filter has 80 of the magnets. The product can be put on a new boiler and installed as a retrofit. 

Its new MagnaClean Atom, shown above, is another example. A compact, space-saving filter, it was developed with installers to provide effective magnetic filtration in the tightest of installation spaces and quick installation. The magnet assembly is 82.5 mm long by 20 mm wide. 

“Our range of magnetic filters is the most comprehensive in the industry and the addition of the new MagnaClean Atom extends it even further, helping to ensure that installers can properly protect a heating system of any shape and size,” said  Helen Isherwood, product director at the company. 

Founded in 2003 by entrepreneurial plumber Chris Adey who was a pioneer in magnetic filtration for the heating industry, the company has a tradition of coming up with magnetic solutions designed with installers and maintenance professionals in mind. While Adey exited the company after a management buyout in 2016, it has grown dramatically in recent years. 

According to a recent report in Gloucester Business News, fortune has been smiling on the Cheltenham-based company lately. Last fall, it reported a 256 percent rise in revenues from 11.5 million Euro to 41 million Euro as profits nearly quadrupled to 12.6 million Euro. 

Along with its continued development of magnetic filtration products, Adey has also moved into providing laboratory water testing services and water testing kits while expanding its business around the world.