ITG Electronics Expands Series of Power Factor Correction Chokes with High-Current Offerings

Company’s PFC383637B Series suitable for applications up to 3,300 Watts, with high switching frequency CCM PFC boost converters.

ITG Electronics, a manufacturer of magnetics and EMI filters, has expanded its portfolio of power factor correction chokes (PFCs) with a set of solutions designed for comparatively high-wattage applications. The company’s PFC383637B Series solutions can handle up to 3,300 Watts, and include CCM PFC boost converters with switching frequencies from 60-200Khz.

An extension of ITG Electronics’ Cubic Design set of power factor correction chokes, PFC383637B Series solutions are suitable for Inductance ranges from 180-360uH, and have footprints up to 37.5 x 36.5mm and maximum heights of 36mm. Compared with traditional toroidal-shaped PFC chokes, the PFC383637B Series features a flat wire and square core construction to save space and increase power density. The solutions are up to 50% smaller compared with toroidal-shaped PFC chokes with similar power ratings, and their flat wire technology can reduce DC resistance by as much as 40%, leading to substantially lower copper losses.

The PFC383637B Series of PFC chokes is applicable for AC to DC conversion in industrial, equipment and automotive applications. Notably, the high-current output chokes can handle up to 32.4 Amp with approximately 50% roll off. In offering robust PFC chokes in a compact design, ITG Electronics seeks to address industry requirements for increased higher power density in current and near-future scenarios.


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