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KAMIC Group in Sweden Emerges As Global Force in Magnetic Engineering 

Making multiple acquisitions at a fast pace, Swedish-based KAMIC Magnetics Group is emerging as a growing force in magnetic engineering globally, at latest count representing an enterprise of eight specialist magnetics components businesses. Five of them came together in one stand for the first time at the Engineering Design Show in the UK last fall and, for the first time in North America, at APEC 2024 (Applied Power Electronics Conference) in February, to demonstrate their combined portfolio. […]

e-Power Technology

Accelerating Electric Machine Design for Optimal Performance 

By Edgar Matas Hidalgo, Siemens Digital Industries Software Introduction: In the high-speed race to electrification, the design process of electric machines presents engineers with several challenges to accelerate product development, sustainability, and overall electric system performance. […]

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March/April 2024

Swedish Automaker Polestar Designs New PM Motors for Its High-Performance EVs, Plans Magnet Recyclingwith Cyclic MaterialsSwedish automaker Polestar is rapidly expanding its production of electric vehicle models with high power output and speedy performance. Begun […]