MDT offers High-performance and Multi-function TMR Magnetic Sensors for Battery-operated Sensor Applications

MultiDimension (MDT-Dowaytech) supplies TMR magnetic switch sensors for battery-powered industrial, consumer, automotive applications and home appliances including flow meters, liquid-level sensors, tamper detection sensors, activation switches, pneumatic cylinder sensors, and rotary position/speed sensors. They feature […]

Research & Development

UCLA Bioengineers Develop New Class of Human-Powered Bioelectronics

A team of bioengineers at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering has invented a novel soft and flexible self-powered bioelectronic device. The technology converts human body motions — from bending an elbow to subtle movements such as a pulse on one’s wrist — into electricity that could be used to power wearable and implantable diagnostic sensors. […]

Digital Version

March/April 2022

The Big Screen: Special Effects with the Aid of Absolute Draw-Wire EncodersDraw-wire encoders from SIKO GmbH, a manufacturer of sensors and positioning systems, are used by the British company Absolute MoCo, which develops and builds […]

e-Power Technology

British Engineers Reveal Ground-Breaking Electric Uncrewed Concept Vehicle

BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics have announced plans to explore the development of an all-electric ‘heavy lift’ uncrewed air system (UAS) as a potential new solution to deliver cost-effective, sustainable rapid response capability to military, security and civilian customers. […]