March/April 2022

The Big Screen: Special Effects with the Aid of Absolute Draw-Wire Encoders
Draw-wire encoders from SIKO GmbH, a manufacturer of sensors and positioning systems, are used by the British company Absolute MoCo, which develops and builds hydraulic studio environments for special effects in movie productions.

Magelec to Supply PM Axial Flux Motor Systems for New e-Car Racing Circuit
When Europe’s new racing circuit for performance e-touring cars gets going, Shanghai-based Magelec Propulsion plans to have its advanced permanent magnet axial flux motors under the hoods. The new ETCR race tour is positioned to become an important proving ground for advanced technology in future e-automobiles.

GE Power Conversion Equips Navy Fleets with Electric Propulsion Systems
GE Power Conversion is providing Integrated electric power and propulsion systems to navies around the world. Recent projects include the US Navy’s first full-electric power and propulsion ship, the USS Zumwalt. Two other projects involve new patrol ships for the Royal Canadian Navy and a new combat support ship for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Soft Saturation Important for Inductors in SMPS, Explains Abracon
The best inductor for today’s dynamic switch-mode power systems (SMPS) is one that has soft saturation, says passive component manufacturer Abracon. Designed to maximize power conservation, the saturation strategy favors using inductors made of composite material rather than materials such as hard ferrite which exhibit hard saturation.

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