bdtronic Applauds €130 Billion German Fiscal Package, Plans to Launch New Solution for Hairpin Stators

“We welcome the decisions taken by the federal government”, said Patrick Vandenrhijn, CEO of bdtronic, a manufacturer of machinery used in making motors and batteries, commenting on Germany’s new economic recovery program. “As a result, the demand […]


Paramagnetic Sensors from Hummingbird at the Heart of Respiratory Ventilators Battling Covid-19

Unseen but close at hand to patients and medical staff battling Covid-19 are tiny, highly sensitive paramagnetic sensors from Hummingbird Sensing Technology that perform a crucial role inside respiratory ventilators. They can detect and assess paramagnetism, a characteristic […]


Highly Permeable Ferrite Enables 3D Cube Antennas from Neosid for 6DoF Tracking

Applying its expertise with highly permeable ferrite material, Neosid has developed innovative new isotropic 3D antennas for electromagnetic tracking systems in devices for various industries such as gaming, logistics, maintenance, and medicine. Using a transmitting antenna, shown on the […]


Additive Method Offers Alternative Balancing Process for Motors, Turbines, Rotating Equipment

New technological approach includes high-precision unbalance measurement, microdispensing and light curing Balancing is required for various types of applications. Up until now, the predominate way to balance an object was through subtractive methods, like machining […]