Union Partners, Owner of Lamination Specialties and Mapes & Sprowl Steel, Continues to Build Its Footprint Across North America

Union Partners, a Chicago based holding company with a growing portfolio of electrical steel manufacturers and steel service-supply centers across North America, is continuing its acquisitive path with another transaction in March and word of an additional expansion in the works.  […]

Software and Design

Frenetic Applies Artificial Intelligence to Magnetic Component Design, Ferroxcube a Partner

Electronic design company Sp Control Technologies of Madrid, Spain, has developed a platform for the design of magnetic components that is based on artificial intelligence for speeding up and improving both the design and manufacturing process.  The company is now commercializing […]


Smart Plug for Startup: Gulplug Drives Innovation in the Charging Industry with Altair’s Startup Program

E-mobility is undeniably one of today’s most pioneering industries and companies and startups developing electric vehicles, motors, new battery technologies, autonomous driving or charging technologies are at the forefront of innovation. One of these pioneers […]


Diodes Inc announces Wide Voltage Omnipolar Hall Effect Switches for Industrial Applications

Diodes Incorporated, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within semiconductor markets, announced its AH35xx series of omnipolar Hall effect switches. These devices feature a wide operating voltage range of […]