Variohm EuroSensor’s Hall Effect Micro Threaded Angle Sensor

Variohm EuroSensor has recently introduced a new series of Euro-CMRT micro threaded angle sensor which feature extensive option and customization selection. 

With a 10 mm diameter housing, M8 threaded mounting and a 3.175 mm diameter flatted shaft, Variohm’s new Euro-CMRT series angle sensors extend its recently launched CMRx range of miniature programmable non-contacting sensors. The durable and robust CMRT series has an IP68 rating and is particularly aimed at long life, high duty-cycle precision angle measurement tasks where space is at a real premium or where its design flexibility allows straightforward mechanical and electrical adaptation to exactly match the customer’s requirements. A choice of single or dual redundant output, with CW or CCW direction, includes ratiometric or PWM signal levels from an industry standard 5 VDC input.  

Variohm’s Hall Effect sensor technology has been adapted and improved over many angle sensor design iterations and is well-proven for use in arduous position feedback measurement applications that include motorsports, industrial automation, agricultural vehicles and construction machinery, the company said. Now the new Euro-CMRT series is available in its smallest package size to date.  

The high-grade anodized aluminum housing supports the 316 stainless steel shafts in a durable phosphor bronze sleeve bearing and with no sensor contact, long life – in excess of 50 million movements – is specified. A vibration rating that meets IEC 600068-2-6 and temperature range from -40° C to +125° C, with short term operation to 150° C, further ensures performance for the most demanding environments.  

The Euro-CMRT complements the new 18 mm PCD flange mounting Euro-CMRS and the puck-and-magnet design of the Euro-CMRK. With encapsulated sensor electronics, all products in the series have the same environmental and electrical specifications with independent linearity to 0.5% of each signal range. Their modular design offers straightforward mechanical and electrical customization.  

The Euro-CMRx range are produced at the company’s manufacturing facility in Towcester UK, along with many other precision sensor components and measurement sub-systems for position, force, pressure, load and temperature measurement.