VAC Revises, Expands Established Standard Work “Soft Magnetic Materials”

First printed in 1979, the specialist book “Soft Magnetic Materials” has long been considered a reference publication within the magnetics industry. During the last 4 years, Dr. Rainer Hilzinger and Dr. Werner Rodewald, previously heads of R&D at VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG (Hanau), undertook the task of completely revising, updating and expanding the book. The title of the book (published in English by Publicis) has been changed to “Magnetic Materials”, reflecting the inclusion of a large number of additional materials to its content.

Important new additions include nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials and permanent magnets of Sm-Co and Nd-Fe-B alloys, as well as specific types of ductile permanent magnets. The new issue thus spans a wide spectrum of advanced soft and hard magnetic materials, presenting fundamental information and formula for measuring and calculating the magnetic and electrical properties of materials in both categories. Thermal characteristics and long-term stability of magnetic materials are also described.

Selected fields of application and case studies are discussed to illustrate the diversity of technical applications for the materials, some of which – such as inductive components, magnetic shields and magnetic systems – are described in depth. The comprehensive tables and graphs of properties and characteristics given in the book provide guidance in selecting and using materials for a wide range of applications.

The book is intended for materials experts and designers and includes sections introducing the basic principles of magnetism, the VAC range of soft and hard magnetic materials and a selection of their primary applications.

The 608 page book is now available in hardback from bookshops, priced at EUR 59.90 (ISBN 978-3-89578-352-4).