Ultraminiature Ceramic Chip Inductors from AVX, Soon to Be Kyocera AVX

AVX has released a new series of ultraminiature multilayer ceramic chip inductors for high-frequency RF applications, as it prepares to rebrand itself Kyocera AVX to align more closely with its parent company. AVX makes surface mount power inductors for applications ranging from power supply to power converters. Core types include ferrite and pressed iron powder with topologies including non-shielded, shielded, pressed iron powder, ferrite coated, and wirewound chip inductors. 

“Our new LCCI Series inductors are constructed with tight physical tolerances using our proven multilayer ceramic material and processing technologies to ensure proper fit and function and are subjected to rigorous testing conditions to validate that they meet or exceed all of the requirements necessary to deliver exceptional performance and outstanding reliability in a wide range of high-frequency applications,” said Mohammed Abu-Naim, RF product manager. 

Meanwhile, parent company Kyocera has announced that starting about October 1 it will unify its electronic components business to a new global brand, Kyocera AVX. Sales organizations in the U.S. and Europe will join first while sales in Japan, China and other Asian nations will follow about April 2022. 

A wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera, AVX has been working proactively on expanding its product lineup, business domains, and market shares through research and development and acquisitions, the company noted. In its key markets, Kyocera expects demand for electronic components to accelerate due to the widespread use of IoT, 5G and advanced driver assistance system, and rapid technological innovation and business opportunities are brought about by the “4th Industrial Revolution”.