Three New Additions to ATC’s Family of UBC Ultra-Broadband Capacitors

Aug12_ATCRichardson RFPD, Inc. has today the availability and full design support capabilities for three new ultra-broadband capacitors from American Technical Ceramics Corp. (ATC).

ATC’s ultra-broadband capacitors are manufactured with high quality materials to provide reliable and repeatable, ultra-broadband performance. They feature low insertion loss and are suited for DC blocking, coupling, bypassing and feedback applications requiring ultra-broadband performance, including optoelectronics and high-speed data, transimpedance amplifiers, receive and transmit optical sub-assemblies (ROSA/TOSA), synchronous optical networks (SONET) and broadband test equipment.

One of the new devices, the 550S104MTT, is part of ATC’s 550S series and is offered in a one-piece EIA 0603 SMT package. The other two new devices, the 550U104MCAT and 550U104MTT, are part of ATC’s 550U series and are offered in one-piece 0301 packages. All three devices are fully compatible with high-speed, automated pick-and-place manufacturing.

To find more information, or to purchase these products today online, please visit the ATC Millimeter Wave and Ultra-Broadband Passive Components webpage.