MLCC Series Features Near-Pure Silver Electrodes for High Conductivity

AVX Corp. has introduced a new series of microwave MLCCs with near-pure silver (Ag) electrodes, which both enhance performance and mitigate cost.  Exhibiting higher conductivity than competing non-precious metal RF capacitors, AVX’s new UQ series MLCCs feature ultra-low ESR, high Q, high self-resonance, and a capacitance range spanning 0.1 pF to 1,000 pF.  Suitable applications for the UQ series include RF power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, filter networks and MRI systems.

“By utilizing near-pure silver electrodes on the new UQ Series capacitors, AVX was able to provide higher conductivity than competitive non-precious metal technologies while remaining highly competitive in terms of cost, ” said Larry Eisenberger, product manager at AVX.

Lead-free and RoHS compliant, AVX’s high-performance UQ Series MLC RF capacitors are available in seven voltages, ranging from 50 to 500 V, and in eight capacitance tolerances, ranging from ±0.1 pf to ±20 percent.  Competitively priced with other non-precious metal RF capacitors, the series is also available in six case sizes: 0605, 1210, 0709, 0402, 0603 and 0805, and with three termination styles: nickel barrier Sn/Pb (60/40), 100 percent tin and non-magnetic barrier/tin.

AVX’s UQ Series is rated for use in temperatures ranging from -55°C to 125°C.  The series also either meets or exceeds the requirements of EIA-198, MIL-PRF-55681 and MIL-PRF-123.