Tech Tips: Magnetic Properties & Measuring Techniques

Remanence, coercivity and permeability are fundamental concepts to understanding the magnetic properties of permanent magnets. There is much to know about them and other key aspects of magnetics technology that is important for sophisticated design engineering and product development. A new white paper from Arnold Magnetic Technologies provides a useful, modern deep-dive into all the pertinent concepts with helpful explanations and illustrations. 

The first part describes the characteristics of permanent magnet materials and the properties of individual permanent magnets. A second part deals with the most common measuring techniques used by the magnet industry. It describes the measurement methods that can be used to study the properties of magnetic material and the properties of an individual magnet piece, covering both open circuit and 
closed circuit measurements. 

The paper is authored by Gerhard Martinek, Sami Ruoho and Urs Wyss. Titled, Magnetic Properties of Permanent Magnets & Measuring Techniques, it can be viewed and downloaded at the company’s website. Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Arnold is a leading global manufacturer of magnets, magnetic materials, precision metals and engineered components. For more info, see