HZDR Scientists Produce Engineered Magnetic Nanostructures in Dresden

In collaboration with colleagues from the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW) and the University of Glasgow, physicists from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) are working to produce engineered magnetic nanostructures and to tailor material properties at […]


European Space Agency Swarm Mission Pinpoints New Magnetic North and Geomagnetic Jerks

The European Space Agency’s Swarm Mission, a trio of satellites (pictured above) launched six years ago to advance understanding of Earth’s magnetic shield, has recently yielded new explanations on two of its most intriguing phenomena – the constant shifting of the […]


Solving Eddy Current Non-Destructive Testing Benchmark Problem with Integrated Engineering Software’s Program Faraday

By Amandeep Bal, Ph.D., Integrated Engineering Software  Market need  Eddy current testing (ECT) is a non-destructive (NDT) testing technique widely used in magnetic sensors to check the integrity of electrically conducting parts and notably to detect flaws. This sensitive technique can […]


Tech Briefing: Diametrically-Magnetized Magnets – Perfect for Magnetic Angle & Rotation Sensing

By Daniel A. Baker, NVE Corporation What is a “diametrically-magnetized” magnet? Diametrically-magnetized magnets have the poles on opposite sides of the magnet diameter, making them perfect for magnetic angle and rotation sensing (see Figure 1).This magnetization direction differs from conventional axially-magnetized disk magnets that have the north pole on one […]