Magnet Solution Provider Bunting-DuBois Increases Sales Staff

Bunting-DuBois is poised for growth and New Business Development Manager Steve Slack, is up to the challenge of making that happen.  Steve has assumed the role of New Business Develop Manager for the Midwest Region.  Steve began his career as an account executive at Dunn Allen Design & Advertising where his sales acumen was quickly realized. […]


Bunting Acquires MagDev

Bunting officially acquired MagDev Ltd, a UK-based magnet and magnetic assembly manufacturer. This acquisition will expand the range of magnetic solutions and technical expertise Bunting is able to offer as a global magnetics group. Bunting’s […]


Bunting Joins Rare Earth Magnets Recycling Task Force

The launch of the European Union (EU)-funded SUSMAGPRO project took place in Germany in June 2019.  The four-year project focuses on the sustainable recovery, re-processing, and reuse of rare-earth magnets.  With global expertise on magnets and magnetic assemblies, Bunting is […]

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June 2013

Designing Current Transformers with Simulation First Observation of Spin Hall Effect in a Quantum Gas is Step Toward ‘Atomtronics’ Researchers Increase NMR/MRI Sensitivity Through Hyperpolarization of Nuclei in Diamond Standex-Meder Electronics Offer Robust Power and […]