Stepper Motors with Magnetic 24 V Encoder, Optional Brake

Nanotec Electronic, US, Inc. has introduced new models AS5918-EMN24 and AS5918-EMN24B, expanding its product portfolio by adding IP-rated stepper motors with an integrated, magnetic 24 V encoder and, on the EMN24B model, an integrated brake.

The two new AS5918-EMN24 and AS5918-EMN24B models from the renowned stepper motor manufacturer distinguish themselves chiefly with their magnetic 24V encoder. The encoder was developed by Nanotec for integration into IP-protected motors. Magnetic encoders are less sensitive to vibrations, dust, dirt and humidity. The encoder generates 1,024 increments per revolution. Because of the 24 V connection at the encoder, the motors are well-suited for direct control via a PLC or a higher-level control system. Of course, they can be controlled using Nanotec control systems as well.

The option with a safety brake (1 Nm of holding torque) is typically used wherever vertical loads have to be kept in place even during a power failure or an emergency stop in order to prevent damage to persons or property. This applies to Z-axes and other safety-critical applications.

Featuring a holding torque of 1.98 Nm, the AS5918-EMN24 and AS5918-EMN24B stepper motors are viable alternatives to servomotors with gearboxes in Torque Mode and Closed Loop at low speeds. This is because they are more compact and have greater energy efficiency – whether in mechanical engineering devices or other systems where operating in a harsh environment and precise positioning are crucial.

The motors have a high degree of electromagnetic compatibility and feature M12 and M8 connections. With a flange dimension of 56 mm (NEMA 23), they are compatible with all Nanotec stepper motors and thus can be used in mixed environments.