Compact External Rotor Motors with Encoder from Nanotec

The DFA68 and DFA90 series brushless DC motors from Nanotec are now also available with integrated encoder. Owing to their extremely compact design, the new external rotor motors are particularly suitable for applications that require precise positioning in confined spaces. 

Both motors are equipped with a 3 channel encoder and have a resolution of 4096 CPR. Field-oriented torque, speed and position control – together with the integrated encoder – ensures optimal dynamic performance. The inductive scanning principle, which is insensitive to magnetic interference, made it possible to integrate the encoder directly into the motor and restrict the installation length to just 42 mm. 

The DFA90-E with a diameter of 90 mm has a rated power of 168 W at a rated speed of 2,000 rpm. The smaller DFA68-E with a diameter of 68 mm achieves 106 W at a rated speed of 3,500 rpm. Due to their high pole construction the motors run very quietly at low speeds. 

In addition to the standard versions, custom windings or shaft modifications are also possible. 

AGV wheel drives, access control gates and door drives are ideal application areas for the new flat external rotor motors.

External rotor BLDC motors are shorter than internal rotor motors and offer a cost-effective solution particularly for large series. In these motors the permanent magnets are mounted on the rotor housing which rotates around the internal stator with the windings. Thanks to the higher inertia of the rotor, external rotor motors have a lower torque ripple than internal rotor motors.

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