Robust Long Distance MCU Communication

The new RS-485 bridge module from iC-Haus enables robust microcontroller communication over long distances of up to 100 m, requiring only one differential pair of wires. (Graphic: iC-Haus GmbH)

Due to their flexibility and performance, microcontrollers are popular in control, sensor and actuator systems. More and more applications require a reliable exchange of information between controllers over several meters. With increasing cable lengths, the required characteristics of the cable significantly contribute to the overall cost of the system.

At embedded world 2023, iC-Haus presents its single-cable technology BiSS Line and the new bridge module iC-BL as a high-performance solution for microcontroller links, needing only two wires and correcting transmission errors.

Robust bidirectional data transmission with BiSS Line

With its SPI interface and integrated RS-485 transceiver, the iC-BL bridge module enables reliable data transmissions between two microcontrollers in challenging environments with interfering fields (e.g. in construction machinery). Both, supply and data are transmitted in both directions via just two twisted wires. The data exchange is protected by forward error correction (FEC). Even data streams where up to four consecutive bytes are corrupted by a burst error can be recovered. For applications without interfering fields, the error correction reduces the requirements on the transmission medium (e.g. shielding) and costs.

The low-weight BiSS Line protocol and the iC-BL bridge module, which can be used as BiSS Line Master and BiSS Line Slave on both sides of the transmission line, offer a wide range of options for implementing high-performance microcontroller systems.

Live at embedded world 2023

A specific setup for robust bidirectional data transmission between two microcontrollers will be presented by iC-Haus’ application engineers at embedded world from March 14-16, 2023 in Nuremberg. At booth 3A-243, applications with further components, such as the 10-bit ultra-low power magnetic absolute rotary encoder sensor iC-TW11 and the universal digital sensor output driver iC-DX for applications up to 30 V, can be discussed.

More information about iC-BL, iC-TW11 and iC-DX:

iC-Haus at embedded world 2023

Nuremberg, March 14 – 16, 2023

Booth 3A-243