Quadrant Magnetics Builds New Expanded Headquarters Facility

Quadrant Magnetics is now occupying its newly built 45,000 sq ft world headquarters facility in Louisville, KY, designed to accommodate recent growth and future expansion needs. The company relocated in February and is now fully operational at the new site, located about 12 miles from its previous site. 

“As our worldwide industry markets and clients are expanding rapidly, Quadrant realized the need to efficiently expand to support the growth rate. In Q4 2017, our corporate team planned and mapped out an effective path for facility implementation slated for Q1 2019,” said Phil Pascoe, president. “The facility is designed and built to meet the current and future needs within our market place. Focus was placed upon ensuring world class support of design and development, engineering support, quality and logistics.”

Phil Pascoe

Along with the professional support services, we are able to expand our in-house machining capabilities and quick-turn prototype labs, while still allowing for planned future manufacturing capabilities and volume expansion,” said Pascoe.

“Our quality labs have increased 3X allowing us to implement the latest state of the art testing technology for all variable aspects within the industry,” he noted. “Over and above all industry standard magnetic lab and QC inspection equipment, we now have either upgraded or added the following capabilities: VSM hard/soft hysteresis graphing, 3 channel flux meters, XYZ field mapping, X-ray coating thickness, linear abrasion testing, higher force level testing equipment and environmental corrosion test chambers.”

Founded in 1992, Quadrant designs and manufactures magnetic materials, assemblies and functional modules serving manufacturers in the automotive, consumer electronics, appliance, security, sensing, medical, aerospace, military and other industries globally. The company also has a laboratory in San Jose, CA, plus operations and manufacturing facilities in Hangzhou, China. 

The new location is at 12500 Plantside Drive in Louisville, KY 40299. A few exterior and interior finishing touches were still being done in March when the accompanying photo of the new facility was taken. 

For more info about Quadrant, see www.quadrantmagnetics.com.